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Open Wheeler Video Gaming Chair

OpenWheeler - drive a genuine racing car in your... bunk room

You'll find out that Open Wheeler is a catch-all name for purpose made race vehicles with the wheels placed outside the vehicle's principal body. This is distinct, in fact, from cars which have their wheel below the body in the manner of most conventional street cars. F1 racers are open-wheelers which is the chief race genre as far as single-seaters are concerned.

A description of what an open-wheel car in fact is

The racer's body is encased in a minute open-wheeler cockpit, defining the standard open-wheeler style, with his head exposed to the air. Behind the driver the engine is placed, which propels the rear wheels. Most sorts of open-wheelers have a very low and practically level under-tray which helps attain additional aerodynamic downforce that thrusts the car onto the road, with wings situated at the front and at the rear side of the vehicle.

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